Why Personal Loving Care
It's Our Principles That Make Us Different

Personal Loving Care is owned and operated by people who know what it’s like to try and find quality assisted living.  We understand the concern for how your person will be treated, and how difficult this decision can be. From day one, our mission has been to extend and improve on the life of our residents, and the proof is in the process.  If you look through our pictures, or speak with any of our current residents, you’ll find that we put quality care first.  What does this mean exactly?

Our Core Principles

First, it means that all of our care prioritizes four basic principles:
1) Physical Health
2) Movement & Activity
3) Personal Interaction
4) Personalization

You can read more on these principles here, but essentially it means that the wellbeing of our residents comes above all other priorities. On any given day, you can find that our residents are active, interacting with each other and staff, regularly checked on by staff, and that each resident’s care is tailored to what makes them unique.

Modern Living Arrangements

Our facility is made of three individual houses, with private rooms for each resident.  Each individual home has the arrangements you would find in typical housing: kitchen, living room, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.  We’ve found that these arrangements allow our residents to feel more at home and part of their community.

Additional Amenities:
24/7 Security System

Fresh Food & Balanced Nutrition

It’s common to see processed foods in other resident homes, but we place a priority on fresh ingredients. Because of this, we grocery shop weekly. We’ve learned that cooking fresh meals brings the residents together for mealtime, whether it’s to share a common meal or to help cook.

Movement Based Treatment

Our method around our daily activities is to make them personal to the lives of each of our residents and incorporate movement as much as possible.


Every resident has lived a different life, and by allowing flexibility in our treatment, we can make sure that all our residents feel included and have interest in being more active.


We’ve learned that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work to make sure everyone is involved or interested.


Whether it’s Ernest – who has a history in the Navy and enjoys arm wrestling – or Greg who is a musician, we use our residents’ stories to build daily routines around their interests.


Our activity schedule is flexible, because we’ve found that it’s the best way to get our residents involved.  Each day may look different, because we focus on incorporating activities when they feel their best, not strictly based on a time on the clock




Many of our staff live on-site, and have a personal interest in the wellbeing of our residents. When we make hiring decisions, our first priority is finding people who genuinely care about the wellbeing of our residents. We’ve found that we can train our staff on the logistics or treatment and care, but our emphasis on finding staff who are interested in being personally involved sets apart how our treatment is carried out.

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