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Enjoy Happy Aging With Our Assisted Living Services

Happy Aging Is Our Mission

Almost every aging person wishes they had the time and energy to do the things they enjoy most. Whether it’s learning a new language, going to the cinema with friends, or simply having a good time with loved ones, everyone likes the idea of living life without the stress and worries of maintaining a home. 

Fortunately, all this is possible with Personal Loving Care. Our company believes there’s no such thing as aging, only maturing and gaining more knowledge. Our company came up with the idea of building single-family homes to help older adults with friendly residential living. Located in Orange Vale, California, all our properties are fully furnished with rooms that lend an ambiance of an ideal family environment. 

Assisted Living Ideal For Your or Your Loved One? 

From residential care facilities to adult care facilities, assisted living facilities to go by many names. They are licensed by the state, meaning that the services provided and quality controls differ from state to state. Half a million people currently live in assisted living facilities, and this number is expected to grow. And although assisted living facilities provide a social model of care rather than medical, they still offer seniors various levels of support, such as help with daily living activities, meals, and support staff. 

Seniors have a wide array of options when it comes to assisted living facilities. This wide selection allows people to pick a facility that best suits their tastes, needs, and financial state. The most common assisted living facilities offer apartments or private rooms, but special units that focus on dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are becoming more and more common. 

Our company is an adult assisted living management firm that offers housing for the elderly. Our services include home health nursing, housekeeping, meals, transportation, and entertainment. 

We have adult family homes, also known as residential care facilities or board and care homes, for those who don’t require skilled medical attention like daily injections and feeding tubes. Generally, this live-in housing and care option provide the following:

  • A room (shared or private)
  • Meals
  • Medication administering
  • Reminders to take medications
  • Custodial care like housekeeping, medical appointments, transportation, and laundry
  • Different levels of help with daily living tasks like bathing, dressing, toileting, health care management, etc. 

If you reside in Orangevale, California and you or a loved one requires assisted living, do not hesitate to reach out to Personal Loving Care Residential Living. Our services are top-notch, and we will ensure you enjoy a home-like experience.