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Respite Care


What Is Respite Care?

It is a name given to the short-term break that caregivers get. Looking after someone who is sick or disabled is a 24-hour job. It is advisable to get a break occasionally to cater to your needs. When you take a break, respite care is a good option.

Where does respite care take place?

• In your home
• At a particular daycare center
• At residential centers that have overnight stays.

The breaks can be however long you need to take care of yourself. It can be a few hours, one day, several days, or even a few weeks.

Who Needs Respite Care?

People with an illness or a disability that requires round-the-clock care need respite care. If the caregivers need time to relax and rest, go on a short vacation, go shopping, get to appointments, work, or get exercise, respite care is a good idea.

Respite care is a good option if you are looking after a person with a condition such as:

• Cancer
• Alzheimer’s disease or dementia
• A stroke
• A brain injury
• Blind people

Respite Care Services

Respite care gives you a secure and comfortable place for your loved one when you are on a break. A trained provider sits and talks with a disabled person or one that is ill. The provider can also help your loved one;

• Shower/bathe
• Dress
• Eat/drink
• Take their medications
• Exercise
• Get in and out of bed
• Enjoy the outdoors.

You also have the option of group respite care. This happens at assisted living communities, adult daycare centers, and community centers.

The programs may have dance, art classes, or music that a trained provider guides. Group respite care facilities offer entertainment, time and activities to socialize with others, and group meals.

Types Of Respite Care

At-home Respite Care

If you care for your loved one at home, respite care can be provided to you there. In-home respite care providers can serve as companions for a sick or elderly loved one. They keep them company and ensure that they do not get hurt.

Home health aides can do more than just providing companionship. They can help your loved one take a bath, groom, dress, take their medications, and eat. Other respite care providers can also do their laundry, fix their meals, and make their beds.

Adult Day Care Programs/Centers

You can take a loved one to such centers for a whole day or a few hours. The centers often offer music, supervised meals, and exercise. Specific programs can pick up your loved ones from home and return them at the end of their session.

Respite Care Facilities

Assisted living facilities are like apartment complexes for older adults who cannot live independently. Some have short-term stays for residents.

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